KUKA KR60 High Temperature Cover

KUKA KR210r2700-2 High Temperature Cover can protect the robot keep from mars and spatter, and it can flame retardant. It is characterized by high temperature resistance.

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Order No.: TKR60H05

Name: KUKA KR60 High Temperature Protective Cover

Features: high temperature resistant and flame retardant

Scope of application: Kuka industrial robots

Dimensions and specifications: KUKA KR60

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1.High temperature conditions

Working in harsh environment, the damage for the robot and spare parts is more serious, a great extent caused by the robot life and low efficiency. The current robot involved in the industry, including the automotive industry, metal products industry, food industry, medicine, micro Electronics industry and so on. In these industries, the working environment of the robot is worse, such as welding robots in the welding out of the high temperature spark and metal melt, and often "burn" the robots' arm.

2. Protection type

Mars, heat radiation, splashing

3. Robot condition

Cutting, spot welding, arc welding, die casting, thermal spraying, laser welding, high temperature gripping, grinding

4. Material

Our main materials imported DuPont new research and development of the material, the features of this material is strength, toughness, high temperature, easy processing and molding, In order to facilitate different needs for Customer choice,we developed a variety of high temperature resistant fabrics on the basis of this DuPont material. Materials through the international authority of the testing and certification to protect customers to provide high-quality, high-performance materials.

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