CMA GR520ST Spraying Robot Covers

GR520ST spraying robot cover Spray robot can replace human operation

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1.  Specifications and parameters of spraying protective cover:

Order No.: TGR520P04

Name: GR520ST spraying robot cover

Features: anti dust, anti-static, anti paint

Scope of application: CMA industrial robot

Working conditions of robot: powder spraying, spraying and painting

Size: GR520ST

2.  Detailed description

Spray robot can replace human operation, which can improve the spray quality and the utilization rate of materials. However, due to long-term operation, various chemical components in spraying materials will also damage the robot's arm. Especially when painting robot is in the process of painting, the robot body is inevitably in the paint spraying and explosive environment. It is very important to install the protective coating for spraying robot to isolate the electrostatic, dust and combustible materials.

Fabric Description:

Product Name: spray fabric

Charge surface density: 0.9 μ C/㎡

Static half life: 0.2S

Static voltage: 91v

Point to point resistance: 2.1x107 Ω Flame retardant grade: Grade 1

3.  Main features of protective cover for spraying robot:

1). Antistatic and flame retardant: avoid a large amount of static electricity in production, and eliminate the combustion, explosion and other safety accidents caused by static backlog.

2). Dust and oil resistance: prevent paint dust from gathering and dripping on the body, and improve the working efficiency of spraying robot.

3). Good flexibility: the flexible parts and telescopic parts of the spraying robot are specially designed to avoid tearing the protective cover of the spraying robot when the spraying robot rotates at multiple angles.

4). The design is detachable and easy to install, which can be disassembled and maintained at any time, especially for the robot that often needs regular debugging and maintenance, saving the labor cost.

4.  Features of protective cover for spraying robot:

The protective cover of spraying robot is made of high-performance textile materials with good flexibility, which has the characteristics of anti-static, dust-proof, flame retardant, anti pilling, fuzzing and so on. It is suitable for the use of various spraying robots in the paint workshop of transportation such as aircraft, automobile, refrigerator, washing machine, etc., and the production enterprise of household appliance shell.

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