Heating covers for ABB irb 6640-180/2.55

The abb6640-180 / 2.55 protective covers for heating robot is heating covers.

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Order No.: TA6640C05

Name: abb6640-180 / 2.55 protective covers for heating robot

Features: heating, cold proof, dustproof, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant

Protection type: handling, palletizing

Scope of application: ABB industrial robot

Dimension: abb6640-180 / 2.55

Brief introduction: ABB constant temperature protective clothing, robot constant temperature protective clothing, industrial robot heating protective clothing, cold proof robot protective clothing, robot cold proof clothing, protective covers for heating robot

1. Constant temperature condition

In the cold storage and the northern winter, the temperature environment of minus 30 degrees will lead to the slow running speed of the robot, the water pipe freezing crack, the solidification of machine lubricating oil and other phenomena. According to the needs of customers, our company has developed thermostatic robot protective clothing which can be heated and cooled. According to the needs of customers, we can adjust the temperature to ensure the normal use of customers in the harsh environment.

2. Type of protection

Handling and palletizing.

3. Material

It is made of special composite material, which has certain heat preservation, wind resistance and waterproof performance. The temperature control system is added to the body of the protective clothing, which can adjust the temperature according to the customer's environmental needs to meet the customer's working conditions and ensure the normal operation of the robot.

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