Gantry five axis drilling and milling manipulator

The gantry type five axis drilling and milling manipulator developed by elephant gantry division can be used as cutting equipment, automatic welding and automatic grinding.

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1  Project brief

This equipment is based on our company's many years of experience in the field of industrial robots, combined with the actual needs of field production, using the combination of traditional machine tool and robot arm. XYZ axis adopts the traditional coordinate walking mode, which can increase the overall rigidity of the equipment and expand the working range. 4 and 5 are additional servo motor drives, which can increase the flexibility of the equipment, multi degree of freedom and no interference Dead end.

This equipment is a kind of high-precision equipment that can add tools and have 3D parts with complex curved surface. It not only has high machining accuracy, but also has smooth cutting end face quality. Equipped with 3D off-line programming software and stable and reliable fixture, it can program and use batch chemical parts once and for all, so as to ensure consistent workpiece quality.

2  Product use

① With laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine with the use of cutting equipment

② It can be used with gas shielded welding machine for automatic welding

③ With the constant force buffer device produced by our company, it can be used for automatic grinding

3  Equipment parameters




4  Pictures

tman robot

tman robot

tman robot

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