Gantry four axis loading manipulator

Truman independently designed and developed gantry four axis kiln loading manipulator, which can realize automatic loading and unloading of kiln and fixed-point loading and unloading. It is a kind of gantry manipulator. Other automatic loading and unloading kiln manipulators, as well as gantry four axis kiln loading manipulator, can realize automatic loading and unloading of kiln.

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1  Project features:

① Realize the fixed-point loading and unloading of the toilet on the kiln car, 3 pieces in each group, 6 groups in total;

② Realize the signal interaction with kiln car and conveyor line, full-automatic production;

③ It can realize remote control;

④ Loading and unloading time: less than 10min

2  Technical parameters

Equipment load: 400kg

X-axis stroke: 4000mm

Travel Y-axis: 5500mm

Z-axis stroke: 1300mm

Z Rotation: 180°

Unloading time of kiln truck: Less than 10 min

3  Service conditions of equipment:

1. Ambient temperature:


2. Environmental humidity:

    Relative humidity: 30% ~ 90%

    Average relative humidity: 30% ~ 50%

4  Device picture

tman robot

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