Unloading manipulator

Truman independently designed and developed the unloading manipulator to realize the automatic handling manipulator for the AGV trolley of the product conveying line. With the help of AGV handling robot, it saves the labor cost for the enterprise.

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1  Project introduction:

Project requirements: the unloading manipulator is used to grasp the goods on the conveying line and put them on the AGV trolley to realize the automation of the process.

Project Description: 

① the main body and beam of the structure are made of rectangular steel pipe, with good strength and rigidity and compact structure.

② The rigidity and stress of the whole structure meet the stress requirements by ANSYS analysis.

③ The whole machine has x, y, Z coordinate vertical axis and Z axis rotation axis. Lifting Y-axis adopts double side gear, centralized drive.

Design points: 

① beam straightness: because the beam is long, the guide rail is installed on it, so its straightness should be controlled within the tolerance range;

② Installation: the structural design is convenient for production, installation and precision adjustment.

2  Equipment parameters

Equipment load: 400kg

X-axis stroke: 4000mm

Travel Y-axis: 1500mm

Z-axis stroke: 1200mm

Z Rotation: 180°

Unloading time: Less than 1 min

3  Working environment:

① Ambient temperature


② Environmental humidity

    Average relative humidity: 30% ~ 50%

4  Picture of equipment scheme:

tman robot

tman robot

tman robot

tman robot

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