Assembling gantry manipulator

The gantry manipulator is used to realize the assembly of parts and the overall handling after assembly. The gantry manipulator can automatically grasp the workpiece, which is a kind of gantry manipulator

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1  Project features:

Project requirements: using gantry manipulator to realize parts assembly and overall handling after assembly.

Project Description: ① automatic grabbing workpiece.

The main points of design are as follows: 1) accuracy; 2) reasonable layout of installation position of each functional part. 3) Safety chain protection.

2  Equipment parameters

Equipment load: 700kg

X-axis stroke: 14000mm

Travel Y-axis: 4000mm

Z-axis stroke: 2000mm

X-axis speed: 0-1m/s

Y-axis speed: 0-1m/s

Z-axis velocity: 0-0.5m/s

Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.03mm

3  Service conditions of equipment:

1. Ambient temperature:


2. Environmental humidity:

   Average relative humidity: 30% ~ 50%

4  Scheme layout

tman robot

tman robot

tman robot

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