Sleeper maintenance gantry manipulator

The gantry manipulator for sleeper maintenance uses the gantry manipulator to realize the process of sleeper mold entering and leaving the maintenance kiln, which can automatically grasp the workpiece. It is very important in the heavy load gantry transportation industry

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1  Project Overview:

Project Name: sleeper maintenance gantry manipulator

Project requirements: using gantry manipulator to realize the process of sleeper mold in and out of maintenance kiln.

Project Description: ① automatic grabbing workpiece; ② motor driving, trolley moving along the guide rail.

The main points of design are: 1) beat speed; 2) the installation position and layout of each functional part are reasonable. ③ The layout of safety protection system is reasonable.

2  Equipment parameters

X-axis stroke: 100M

Y-axis stroke: 18m

Z-axis stroke: 10M

Rated load: 5000kg

X-axis speed: 60m / min

Y-axis speed: 90m / min

Z-axis speed: 12m / min

3  Working environment:

① Ambient temperature


② Environmental humidity

Average relative humidity: 30% ~ 50%

4  Equipment picture:

tman robot

tman robot

tman robot

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