Gantry automatic sandblasting manipulator

Gantry automatic sandblasting manipulator uses gantry robot to sandblast the workpiece, and the process is automated. Truman company has been working in the field of gantry manipulator for many years.

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1 Project introduction:

Project requirements: the workpiece is brought into the sandblasting room by the flatbed truck, and sandblasting is carried out by the gantry robot, and the process is automated.

Project Description: ① the workpiece is fixed manually and then enters the sandblasting room; ② gantry robot.

Design points: ① the robot amplitude and beat meet the requirements; ② the installation position layout of each functional component is reasonable. ③ The layout of safety protection system is reasonable.

2  Working process

The workpiece is manually placed on the workpiece fixture of the flatbed truck.

The flat car drives the workpiece into the designated position in the sandblasting room.

The gantry robot sandblasting the workpiece.

After sandblasting, the flatbed truck drives the workpiece to leave the sandblasting room, and sandblasting is finished.

3  Working environment:

① Ambient temperature: -20℃~45℃

② Environmental humidity: Average relative humidity: 30% ~ 50%

4 Picture of equipment scheme:

tman robot

tman robot

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