Loading and unloading of CNC machine tools

Truman independent design and development of CNC machine tool loading and unloading manipulator, can realize automatic feeding manipulator, this loading and unloading manipulator beat meet the requirements, automatic clamping, the whole process of automation

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1. Project introduction:

Project requirements: 

use the manipulator to complete the automatic loading and unloading of processing parts, and realize the automation of the process.

Project Description: 

① automatic feeding manipulator. 

② Automatic clamping. 

③ Feeding mechanism.

Design points: 

① the rhythm of feeding manipulator meets the requirements; 

② the installation position of each functional component is reasonable. 

③ The layout of safety protection system is reasonable.

2. Service conditions of equipment:

① Ambient temperature: -20℃~45℃

② Environmental humidity: Average relative humidity: 30% ~ 50%

3. Pictures:

tman robot

tman robot

tman robot

tman robot

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